Monday, January 17, 2011

January Cherry Pickin'

What is Cherry Pickin'? You ask.
In the coupon world- it is going out to get the best deals for you from the store sales... so here is what I have gotten this week:

These two pics are of RITE AID cherry pickin' I started off with 6 toilet papers for $1.00, then I got $6 in UP Rewards, they are $1 off your next purchase coupons, so, that makes my TP- FREE! I then took the rewards back in and applied $3 to my Viactive chews and got back another $3 in rewards. I applied $1 of that to my facial tissue and got back yet another $1UPR. ALL of the school/office supplies were marked $1.99 and get a $2 reward. They were not ringing up correctly, so, they just zeroed them out for me and they were all FREE! Somewhere in that mix she took some money off the Viactives and anyhoot...So, I still have $4 in rewards to use thenext time I shop! That makes all of the TP below and everything up top $2 out of my pocket, SWEET Cherries!
OK- To the right of the TP is my Walgreens cherry pickin' 8 storage bags @ .99cents = $8, 1 therma care @ 2.50 - $1 coup AND then a $2.50 RR = FREE (coup that prints for next purchase.) 2 Lysols for $7 - $2 in coups + $2 in RR = $1.50 each, a snickers for .49cents, a pack of sharpies for .99cents, Joint Juice for $10 - $1 coup +$10RR, 3 Carefree pantiliners @ .99cents - $1.50 in coups-- Either way, I paid $1.06+$12.25+$.42 a total of $13.73 and I still have $4.50 left in RR- making out of pocket $9.23

Then there is .16 pillsbury and .75 campbells soup at Meijers
FREE Toothpaste at Krogers
.87 snuggles, .47 sauces and FREE yogurt at Walmart!
That was all apart of sweet Cherry Pickin'!
So- since it was so sweet, I had to go out for more...
I'll update soon!

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