Friday, February 5, 2010

A Stay at Home Moms Title

You know,I think I need to change my name to a driving mom or an on the go mom. I do not feel like I am ever a stay at home mom. Yes we "homeschool" but outside of our school moment we seem to be out of the house, out the door. My house and my van can show the proof! I want to simplify things a bit and actually stay at home... driving Alexus to and from her school each day stinks. It is about a 2 hour out of the day job to do by time you load and unload 5 other children and sit in the car riders line. I have thought about changing her school, but with not knowing what will happen at our next court date with her, I guess it is just better to keep her there. Then at least she also won't have another change to face in this 6 yr old world she is in.
O well-- until then I guess we will be an on the go each day kind of family. I used to LOVE Tuesdays and Thursday knowing we could stay in PJ'S all day if we wanted too! Pretty soon we will be back to co-op Monday's, bball practice and YMCA Tuesday's, Church Wednesdays, Bball practice and YMCA Thursdays and Field Trip Friday's--top the week off with Bball game Saturdays and Church Sunday's and tell me if homeschoolers are unsocialized?
I need a vacation---in my home for a week!

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