Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm not on here much---yet I am going to try to update the "blog world!"

I have lost weight--between 8-10 pounds in 17 days. I am giving all the glory to GOD because I am not on a "diet" per say, yet I am on a life style change; a change of heart where I note that I have made food way to important to me...I am a noted glutton who lived in sin where food is concerned. I am using the tool www.setttingcaptivesfree.com to help me on this walk. They have a program called The Lords Table and it is a FREE, 60 days of intense Bible study, geared to free you from gluttony program! I pray I chose to obey God and turn to HIM instead of food in my boredom, stress, etc....resulting in the added bonus of weight loss!

Brinley Gale had her speech evaluation yesterday for Jefferson county public schools. After she turns three in March the bus will come and take my baby to school four half days a week where she will have speech on two of those days. It is a very hard thing for me to do--yet she wants to go and is happy about going on the school bus and she needs the extra push by kids and teachers alike to get her out of the comfort of where we understand her mumbles. We know "me ush ma ee" means I want to brush my teeth and unfortunately it is not helping her to communicate better so that others can understand her.

Bryson is WALKING...when he wants to of course. He is still favoring to crawl but he gets up in the middle of the room alone and walks when he chooses! All of the kids are pumped about that.

WE DID SCIENCE! HA! I am making myself do it FIRST a couple of days out of the week. So often I do not get to it because we wait until after lunch and by then we are all just done with school. SO--now science will be an AM class a couple of days a week. Today we made soap and looked at the embryo of a bean! Yeah us!

Nathan is doing much better and has done his school very well here lately. I have all the older children in basketball and they are doing great and having fun. Brianna and Alexus have made baskets which they just are so happy about having made.

We have started to attend a new church. We do not know where God is going to take us with this but we know he has guided us this far. It has been great, full of "meat" and like minded large homeschooling families. They do lots of outreach work, separate their boys and girls in middle and high for Sunday school programs. They also have K and up go into service with you, which Mark and I have really enjoyed that worship time with the kids. It is an adjustment, we love our church family--but we really hear God saying "it is time for you all to go."

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