Monday, February 15, 2010

My Brinley Gale

This is my beautiful daughter, Brinley Gale, who will be turning 3 on 3:16 ;)
She has a speech delay and has trouble communicating, yet she is LIGHT and so beautiful to us. She can run in my high heels, faster than I could. She calles them her "ancy ooes" (fancy shoes)and she is almost always in a pair. Here lately she has chosen my wedding shoes. Mark asked if I was going to just let her play in them and I said "well, at least someone is wearing them!" She loves to say "ance" with me mommy and I spin her around the kitchen as she twirls. We have a fireplace in our family room and the fireplace area is her stage where we watch he "ing" (sing) many times a day. She can carry a tune. I am in prayer for my sweet baby because she is about to go to school for a pre-school program through our county where they will offer her speech for free twice a week. She is happy and says "I go ool, ee!" ( I go to school speech!) I am torn about it because I know she needs the speech help so much yet the idea of her not being home with me 4 half days a week just seems unreal.
I understand her words and I am afraid that the teachers, ect won't be able to and that they will miss the way my baby shines and how smart and special she is.
Please say a prayer for Brinley, so that she will get her words this school year (March-June) and not need to go again next fall.
Anyway--back to her-- she is the best big sister who loves her "baby" and takes such great care of him, to include pulling him by his neck out of the bathroom as he attempts to play in the toilet (his favorite new pass time) or she will share her food with him in the car (like when he was about 5 months old and she fed him a fry!)
The love she has for him and her other siblings is so precious. I am blessed that they do not have jealousy--yet really find joy in one another and even our 12 yr old, Nathan, would do anything for his Brinley Gale.
Brinley's favorite things to do right now are to cut, play playdough, read her picture books, sing, dance, do "school" and eat her rice cakes!
I thank God for her, she makes me "SO HAPPY" and she says I make her the same. It could not get much better than this!

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