Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reminded of Lent

My friend Marcy reminded me, via her blog, that TODAY is Ash Wednesday! I am growing in my walk with God and this has been on my heart and mind -- yet I had not taken the time to look up when Lent season began. Today I was with a friend and had mentioned the need to look it up and see when Easter was (the Holy Spirit is so good!)
So, thank goodness for the good in Facebook that had me looking at Marcy's beautiful blog reminder.
I have since stayed up and began planning our lent season. I printed a great calendar from
I also plan to limit the TV time and computer time we us as a family and spend more time in HIS word and doing HIS work.
I am going to ask my children to give up something and replace that time serving and being the BODY of Jesus. Ideas I have is using our prayer journals, adopting an elderly person from a nursing home, taking food to shelters, cooking a meal for someone each week, making cards, etc.
I also plan to make a paper mache Easter egg and leave a slit in it for the kids to write a love note to a family member each day and then on Easter we will open it and read the notes together. The direction for doing that are on the childrens ministry webste when you print the calendar.
I have been doing the Lord's Table course through and have been blessed through this study to be able to reconize the gift of the Holy Spirit more in my life. I menion this because I am so thankful that God did not let me miss another day of this Lent season. It was on my mind, in my heart and I am thankful that I get to focus more on HIM and plan to stay more in tune with my fathers plan.
Please pray that this season is special to my children, husband and myself and pray that God brings us closer to HIM through this time. I too will pray for you and as Marcy is doing on her blog--please give us as a family any special request so that we can write them in our journals and lift you and yours up in our prayer time.

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  1. Hi, I just said a quick prayer for you and your family. I love that song by casting crowns

    God bless