Sunday, December 27, 2009

Changing ME...

I know I can do this...
I am at a spot where choices have to be made. I have to choose if I should continue this homeschool walk with Nathan. I do not respond to his ADD, learning style, attitude, et well at all at times and I want to change the cycle that Nathan and I are on. It is so hard. Often times I feel like the woman God talks about who tears down her own house with her words and hands. I am destroying my relationship with Nathan. I want him to feel wonderful as he is, I do not want him to think that he needs medication or anything else to be wonderful. I know he is smart. My husband even said "heck if he can catch a squirrel, kill it, skin it, BBQ it, eat it, etc then he is good to go, lol! Seriously though, I just want us to make it. I strongly feel that even if he were in school we would have the same issues, because he is my Nathan, and I am his mom. We are going to have problems until I change the cycle of response. Your fuse gets shorter after so many years of repeating yourself. YET, I love him and I want him to feel that. I want to be TEAM NATE'S # 1 FAN!
If we learn nothing else this school year, please be with me in prayer, that we learn that I love him and that he chooses to have respect for me! I will update about our progress soon!

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