Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Family Member update

Mark- His mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and tomorrow he goes to the chemo doctor with her to find out the treatment plan. It is stage four with 1-3 years given thus far, please keep her in your prayers. He has also finished a job at Ft Knox and may have the chance for a new position, yet that will not be for another year! Money is tight, but we can tucker through this year!

Leah- Is back in a decent homeschool routine. Adjusting to the new two little ones. Trying to get back to the YMCA enough to make a difference in my energy levels!

Nathan- Is doing much better is SO many areas. I am proud of his spirit and know that he is maturing. School may never be his favorite thing to do, yet he is getting through!

Brianna- Loves her school work, loves working along side Mark at all times in the yard etc. She is having some heart issues with adjusting to my neice being here (the same age as her!) Yet she says she is glad that she is here and all in all is doing well.

Alexus- Is missing her mommy and daddy a lot, yet is starting to have an easier time going to sleep. She has never slept in her own bed and is only doing so at my house. When she visits at her gmas house they let her sleep with them too. So, it is almost like we are the mean ones, stinks. She does really well at school. Her teacher tells me that she is JOY! That is beautiful to hear. I am glad she has a teacher who loves her.

Brinley- Can go to preschool on her 3rd bday if I sign her up through her speech program. I have many choices to make in that area. I will miss her so much, yet I know she needs more help with her speech. I think I will give it a try and if it makes her sad or upset then I will rethink the choice. She may enjoy it and need the break from Jaylyn (my 2 yr old neice.) I stillreally can not imagine putting my baby on a bus, even if it is for 3 hours- 4 days a week...hmmmm

Jaylyn- really is having a sad time with the separation from mommy and daddy, she asks for them a lot through out the day. She really has a lot of fun during our school day though and loves the YMCA.

Bryson- is getting braver. We MAY have a walker by Christmas. He is getting more teeth and is a horrible teether...he has a hard time with it. Pain must not be his thing! He has become SUCH A GOOD BABY now...major switch in words from a few months back! He is so funny and happy all the time PTL!

That's the update...

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  1. Miss seeing you!!! So glad to see the update. Glad things are getting sorta back to normal. Praying for Mark, his mother and the whole family.