Monday, November 23, 2009


Well, within two months my whole world has been turned around. I have sent my foster daughter of almost 2 yrs home to her birth family, who never allows her to communicate with us, fun. I have also sent my step sister, age 15, who we have had for a year; home to her mom through our wonderful CPS system. I sat without extra children for about two weeks and then helped out my sister for a moment. A moment that turned into a CPS case and resulted in me getting temp placement of my two nieces ages 2 and 6. Let the adjustements begin. We have done pretty well all in all. My grandma and aunt came down the day of court and washed the backed up laundry after we had two weeks of chaos dealing with issues leading up to court. LOVE THEM! Now we have managed to do some school again and start getting to know these girls who will be at home with us for awhile. My children are adjusting alright, minus the fears I think my 6 yr old has. It was hard with what we went through with our FD and now I think my girl is thinking that she is about to take the back burner after all the mess we just came out of. So, making sure everyone knows how loved they are is key! We have never spent much time with my nieces as they have had parents that lived different than us. Yet, we look forward to getting to know them and having them know that they can trust and depend on us. It is most fun to introduce them to our church family and the love of GOD!
That is our family update, being that I have not been on since October!
In HIS love

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