Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Body

Today was a day that held mixed emotions. Someone at church brought me $300 in gift cards! I guess it is a moment where it was super helpful yet I felt guilty. I mean we have so much more than so many. I did not ask for this, yet it was an obvious blessing. It does not take me venting to show that 8 people on one income is not always easy, lol! Yet, we have been managing. Mark about went into a depression. We do not know who the giver is/was. An elder just stated "as a church when someone gives us a huge amount of money, should we say "well, we are doing OK, we do not need this." or do we take it and be thankful for it?"
AWW how I long to be in the spot again to be the giver. My comfort is knowing that God knows that if we had it we would give it too. I cant be worried about those who gave, I can only be thankful. Although it is KILLING me not to know who did that! lol
They were HIS body to us and I am thankful for that.
How has HIS body blessed you .... He is a pretty GREAT GOD!


  1. I hear what you are saying and totally understand it. BUT on the other side I have often heard when someone gives you compliment (for example) the most mature and often hardest thing to say is simply "thank you." I think in this situation the most mature and totally the hardest thing to say is simply "thank you." We ALL know you did not ask for such an awesome gift, we ALL know you do not WANT to take it, we ALL know that if you had extra to give you would be doing that. So NO guilt be gracious and just say "thank you" (to God and to those giving people). It's amazing how difficult those 2 simple words can be yet so powerful. You and Mark BOTH know how great it makes your heart feel to give of your time or money. Those people who gave to you need that feeling too. Take comfort in the fact that YOU allowed them that feeling! :) Love you girl - you are always so giving of your self - allow someone to give back. There is no doubt in my mind that you guys will return the favor some day. :) Love ya!!

  2. I spent some time reading through your blog, and what a heritage you are creating for your children. I see your God honoring heart as you grapple with daily life as it comes, and He honors that. I pray even more grace to receive what He calls you to do. We're too a homeschooling family, and I pray the Lord's blessings upon you, and upon your extended family. In Christ, Kathy