Monday, July 13, 2009


OHH I am so ANGRY! I woke up and thought here we go, great school day! We are going to get on track. I had told the kids after camp that we were going to start school back up so that our time off in Disney and our slacking last year due to having the baby etc. would all hopefully even out! Well, DAY 1... I just wanted N,11 to do a math lesson, his first lesson in Writing Strands and play a file folder game! Well, WS went OK... Math is still going an hour later!

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  1. Remember he only has so much to offer!!! If you give him the space and TIME he needs to work you might see different results. I would try and give T-13 at break when he was stressing out (or taking TO LONG). When I say a break something fun, but still school. Maybe the file folder game, a math game online or something like that. Just my two cents.