Saturday, July 18, 2009

IT's BACK....

OK, so I have previously posted my concern to ever again regain the desire to home educate my children! Well, it is easing it's way back into my life! I have done our first week of "summer school" last week! We did quite well! Nathan is in football now and that routine of his has helped a lot! Brianna has enjoyed file folder games and an All About Me lapbook as well. This week I plan to add in Micaela with her ETC A,B,C book set. I am learning that with this many kiddo's in different levels, I need much more time to get things done than I previously needed! The problem of course is this little man who thinks sleep is over rated and that my arms are his domain! So, hopefully as summer ends and as Sep comes around he will be better at resting and playing without me! I just thought I would share that YES, when you are DONE, IT can return!
I went to Gheens (teacher resource place in KY) today and laminated more games, name plates, etc and really got myself in the groove for next week' school work!
You can find the fun file folder games that I am using at Shanna Clark's website
In HIS love,

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