Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gotta get cha WOOHOOO back!

I was sharing with my aunt this past weekend, as we were at Kings Island and at my gmas house on the lake, that I miss my WOOOHOOO! One might ask "what's a WOOOHOOO?" Well, your WOOOHOOO is when you let it all out and just have FUN! I remember when I was younger, any ride at K.I. was game! I LOVED the fastest, tallest coaster rides and spin me around baby as fast as you could because I was going to WOOOHOOO all the way through! NOW, as I was in line for the Diamond Back, I was calling Mark to say my final goodbyes and stated how the only reason I was talked into that ride was because IF I died I would at least leave them rich when KI had to settle! On the lake, I thought, "I'll tube with Brinley" because I know my aunt y'all... people go flying off the tubes....I was one of those WOOOHOOO'N awhile back as I body slammed into the water! Well, you would not believe this but she dumped me AND my 2 yr old! It was a AGHHHH moment!
"Why would one loose their WOOOHOO?" You might ask!
I think in my case it is because I have had some children in my life that once the WOOOHOOO would start they did not know how to calm back down. So, I thought that if I just would think of my kids as a boiling pot of water, that if I just kept the lid on, they would not boil over, out of control. So, I started to lid up my WOOOHOOO's to control theirs and well I think that I need to get them back out more often! As I was in line for that coaster, I saw people twice my age there and twice younger too. I am not TOO OLD to have a WOOOHOO! Then as I drove home I remembered how I used to sing SO LOUD in the car and I said next time when they are all awake, I am going to sing LOUD again and if it drives me a bit bonkers to hear all of them singing then well, I am gonna WOOOHOOO through it!
Being a mom should not always have to be SO SERIOUS. I think when we loose our WOOHOO'S we may start loosing fun parts of ourselves that God could use to make our children laugh and show them that loving HIM can be a fun lifestyle full of WOOHOO moments!

Post some WOOOHOOO moments on my blog and well... GET CHA WOOHOO BACK TOO!

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  1. Alright stalker!!! Abby does gymnastics at All-Stars gymnastics with Coach Rick. She started in his homeschool class then moved competitive. She LOVES it!! Good seeing you tonight and hanging out a little while! ~Cara