Monday, July 20, 2009

We had our family pictures today! The photographer was great, Shanna Simpson, you can see more at

These photos are the sneak peaks she sent... I can't wait to see everything and get some up on my walls! Micaela has always wanted a family picture to include her. She would often say "I'm not in that picture" really sadly when looking at the ones we had done before she came to us! I know she may not be here much longer but we are a family and this is our photo~ 2009

What a blessing it was to have Shanna come out to the house. With this many kids JC Penny's seemed like a nightmare! Thank you Shanna!!!


  1. fabulous pics!! oh and your blog is so cute too! Look at you getting all fancy!

  2. This blog thing is OK... it is not as rewarding to me as FB... I can't find people in blog world. How do you find blogs? Is it just when you get sent a link? When I do the search blog button, I get blogs in different languages, lol! like to spread my wings, but heck I do not know what they are saying ;)

  3. Oh, we Shannas are so creative...;o)!

    I LOVE the pictures!!

    FYI- if you're looking for blogs you might like to read, try checking out the links to blogs on the sidebars of the blogs you already read. That's how I started meeting "bloggy friends".

    Also, if you are wanting to increase your readership the best way is to leave comments and post often. When you leave a comment on someone else's blog, they almost always come to your blog to return the favor. If you have an active blog and they like what they see, they will come back.