Friday, May 1, 2009

Mayman update: Day 3

Well, today is Friday and we went to the zoo, actually had great weather and even bumped into another homeschooling family there! We started our day off with homemade pancakes and eggs for breakfast. We arrived at the zoo around 11, the kids had a great time. The water park was open, I sure wish I would have thought to check on that, it was beautiful! Oh, well. We did Mc D's for lunch afterwards. Then we came home and the little ones took a nap, Annie loves naptime at Aunt Leah's :) After nap the outdoors were still calling. We had a few bumps in our road, like bloody feet a couple moments of physical abuse between children. Carson is not happy with my tactics, lol...I said you pick the veggie out that we will be having and then you have to eat at least one spoon full. Well, he agreed and he chose corn after asking "what's green beans?" He took two bites and said "I hate trying new food, it makes me want to puke!" Well, at least the kid got a kernal of corn in him, a greenbean would have been better! Maddee and Annie ate theirs :) Ask me about the
Baths done and kids are asleep and tommorrow is another day! If the rain doesnt keep us out we plan to go to the park, let the boys fish and the girls feed ducks..we shall see.
In HIS love

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