Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Mayman's

We have our dear friends children for 10 days! The Maynard children as Bethany and Paul travel to Africa to pick up Bronx and Lincoln!!! It has been quiet fun growing by 3 children at once! Now I know why people with large families say "They only come one at a time!" hehe! I have been posting on facebook of our daily adventures! Yesterday Madelyn got handcuffs stuck on her ankle and Mark actually had to leave work early to get her free. She and Brianna asked Nathan to capture them, well, the key broke! Today Brianna and Maddee were taking a bath and when I heard screams and ran in there I saw 6 EMPTY shampoo bottles on the floor and soapy eyes! Then Brianna got a nosebleed when they were cleaning up her room and Maddee accidently hit her with a plastic bucket! Oh, here is a good one, Carson brushed his teeth and got the bristle of the toothbrush stuck in his braces and Mark had to use pliers to get it out! :) I SO NEED TO CHARGE MY CAMERA batteries!!Eventful I tell you, eventful! Yet fun and they really have had so much fun! The boys have a zipline going in the front yard now! I wanted to do the park, zoo or something tomorrow, but the rain may get in that way...hmmm!! O well, we will find fun!

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  1. I love all the visuals, I think actual pictures would change the mental pictures. You are a very good friend.