Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well, we did the park! We seen some drama unfold between a fairdalian and a mexican, the mexican stole the fairdalians fishing pole, entertainment to say the least! The boys fished, the girls fed ducks! We seen mommy ducks with babies, TOO CUTE!
We talked about all of the predators the mommy had to protect her babies from, so we had science class! We came home and the little ones took a nap, the girls went to the church playground. I looked out the window to check on the girls and they were gone! Mark was outside on the roof "watching" them. He drove over to find them as my heart stopped beating and I was screaming their names like a mad woman. Well, I look over and he had them in the parking lot. He said they went inside the church to pee. So, they lost their afternoon snacks for scaring me to death and their park rights have been revoked. I know I am strict! It is next door, but things outside of my yard freak me out! Nathan cooked chicken on the grill. Carson ate corndogs, lol!
Theu boys went down the road to a derby party, the girls stayed home and took baths for hours! Nnow they are watching Bethovan 6 or something! They are all cuddled on the counch! The boys are downstairs watching the same movie in guy land!
Tomorrow we will attempt church with all these kids and then let the family take them to their evening church events, because Sarah wants to bring a boy over for a date! I also really need a chance to put away some laundry! Sarah will get the house cleaned for the boy....woohoo! Till next time...

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  1. you should allow sarah to bring "the boy" over every day... it would really help you out. LOL