Saturday, May 16, 2009


This would be the result of a dream that Nathan and I had... when we pulled Nathan out of 2nd grade in December of the school year, as spring came along we thought "What about Field Day?"
So, my friend Bethany and I said "OK, time to get one together!" We have since held Field Day at Fairdale Christian Church for the past 4 years!!! This past year was different though because Bethany and I had to let Field Day go. We both grew by leaps and bounds family wise this past year, as a matter of fact Bethany was in Africa picking up her two new sons during this event!
A wonderful large homeschooling family, The Clark's, made a choice to plan field day 2009! Our homeschool group Home For His Glory also helped and sponsored the event! Many hands went into the pot to pull it off! God even blessed us with no rain until about 5 minutes after they had cleaned up!
It was so super! We had a blast, although it was quite muddy out that day! The kids really look forward to and enjoy this time with our homeschooling community! It is after moments such as these that I am reminded how God loves us and has given us so much! Some people struggle to belong, fit in and have friends. God has blessed our family with a whole community of people to love and share our homeschooling journey with! Thank you HFHG and especially the Clark family for all of the hard work put into this years Field Day!!

Check out the mud on Nathan ;)

Toddler Tank :Brinley Gale- Toddler Tank is the BEST!!

Awards! Micaela!

Awards! Brianna!
Ball Game: Micaela
Toss: Nathan
Marble Toes: Brianna

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