Monday, May 18, 2009

ME? Go to work? Well OK!

I have an interview tomorrow at Days Inn... I am so scared that they might actually hire me. lol
Mark had stated that he was going to go and get a second job, well, I can't have him working two jobs and me being at home, so off I went to put in applications for front desk clerks for 2nd shift. Now I am scared. On one hand I can see having the evenings "off" from motherhood and enjoy some adult conversation, a good book in between guest and have the baby brought in once to feed. Yet on the other hand, I am thinking about all that I will miss. I will be missing dinner with my children, probably weekend time with my family, tucking them in at night...hmmm, I will never be in bed before midnight. How do I do this....
I guess I will have to just think about it as being from 4:30-8:30 without my kids, then they would be in bed either way. That is if they even would hire me for the hours of 5-midnight.
I just pray that my babies will be OK and that this won't cost them anything..., well, OK...We will see...

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