Saturday, May 9, 2009

Meeting Maynard's

Today was the DAY!! We met Bronx and Lincoln Maynard as they came off the plane to Kentucky from Ethiopia to be with their FOREVER FAMILY! The kids (mayman's) were so pumped as we drove to the airport to see their new brothers and friends! We just all waited with so much joy and hearts full of "hurry!" When we saw Bethany and Paul walking up we pushed the Maynard children out front and started being the picture people! Nathan and Brianna really enjoyed meeting the boys! Nathan said "Mom, can we go to Africa and get some brothers!" Enjoy the photo's of new forever friends and family member meet one another!


a BIG ole circle of LOVE!

TQ, a bit emotional! :)


  1. that is a serious "ugly" cry... thanks a lot leah! Now I MUST find a picture of equal quality to post of you... LOL

  2. It is true emotions...and besides after looking at my hair with the pic you took on the bed upstaires, that makes us told me NOT to pull it back, how rude! lol