Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grocery Shopping...

OK, does it take everyone else with a large family 2+ hours to make it through a grocery store or am I special, and dont tease me about my brain either, lol!
I do shop for two weeks at a do you all do it?
I always spend an arm and a leg by time I am done, not to mention I need new arms and new legs also! I look forward to using our whole wheat stuff that I bought and maybe Mark will eat with us again...ugh that new found health nut! I need some great healthy things to make...ideas welcomed!
I also bought english muffins for the Maymans (maynard's and sweetman's)to make their own little pizzas out of this coming week! In just a couple of more days the Maynard kiddo's will be hanging with the Sweetman's while mom and dad go and pick up the BOYS!!! omGOSH...I really can't believe that they are almost HOME!! This is going to be such a great thing to be apart of! OK, see there is my brain...back to the grocery store... lol!!! Here is a few other meals we have planned and I really look forward to hearing/seeing what you all do too...big family meal plans please... Ohh healthy ones!
-taco's on 100% whole wheat torts, no tort just taco salad for Mark
-potato soup and grilled cheese (mark wont eat this!)
-whole wheat spaghetti
- eggs and ham with while wheat english muffins for dinner one night
OK..give me more ideas...

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