Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today started with me picking up Nathan and Brianna from a church overnighter...then I picked up Sarah from her friends house...move onto some lunch...then off to my nieces bday party where the kids had a great time...

This is my niece Jaylyn and Brinley Gale

My mom is putting up a Luau picture prompt while the girls have a snack...Nathan is in the woods...

Brianna looks so cute...

This here is the Birthday Girl...Alexus who is just a couple months older than Brianna. My sister and I were pregnant together twice... I kept going and she stopped!

When we got home, after taking Sarah to yet another friends house, we saw some neat gifts daddy was given today. One was a go cart, the other was a tiller for just $40 and then as you can see the kids loading in some plants that a sweet Mrs Dottie from our church gave Mark!

It amazes me how determined my boy is when things are in his interest!
Unfortunatly daddy has to replace a rope on the go cart before it is a "go!"

Yet the kids pushed each other in it instead! They are ready to ride! Mark's boss gave him this gift for the children! So sweet!

AGH, now my little man has fallen asleep in the off to bed on my couch I go... I have to get this baby back into a goodnight routine. Ear infections and sunburns set aside...tomorrow is our night!

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  1. OH MY!! I cannot beieve how much Brianna and Alexis look alike!! I promise they look like twins! Looks like a great party!