Monday, July 6, 2009

Thank you Shanna Clark - File Folder Games are GREAT!

Brianna really enjoyed playing the Rainbow Ice Cream file folder game that Shanna Clark created! I loved that the cones did not use the correct colors to spell the color names, like some games do, that give away the answers! Brianna actually had to read each color word and the add the correct topping to the cone! She really felt proud when it was all said and done and asked "mom, can I play another one?" I thank you Shanna for reminding me of this great homeschool tool and encouraging me to use them more often! I look forward to adding to my collection!

Proud little one...
You really should go and get some yourself! The Clark's sell their FF creations at their online website that is full of inspiration and fun! Just click on the link below!! All of their file folder games are available for purchase individually or as a collection on their Collection 1 Cd-ROM!

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  1. Wow! That so fast!!

    Thank you SO much! I'm glad that Brianna liked it!