Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Suppose An Apology Is What You Need

I suppose an apology is in order;
I must have done you wrong.
I suppose that when you look around you ,
You see that I am the one who doesn’t belong.
I suppose that you think that it is my fault, my doing,
It was me that abandoned your child.
You don’t look in the mirror or to your family;
They way that everyone left her, how it drove her wild?
I suppose that because I loved and that because I gave;
Must be the way I am wrong, I’ll take that to my grave.
I suppose it must have been the hugs, the prayers, the kisses, the fun
That did us in.
I suppose you just wanted her to sit and wait and cry until you began.
Until you began to see that you wanted more, until you chose to heal;
The way you treat me for loving her, in my mind is unreal.
I suppose an apology is what you need because with me she sang a song.
She could have been hurt, abused, or felt like she did not belong.
She and I will take the hit, we will pay the price.
Because to you the love we feel is not wanted, needed or advised.
It seems to me that you need me to apologize.

I love your daughter because she grew in my home.
I love your daughter because our family is where she has roamed.
I love your daughter because she was given to us to love.
I love your daughter even though it hurts to love.

I suppose I should say I am sorry to you, for getting in the way;
I can only hope that you should see that she is better for it one day.
It was not always easy or always fun;
A broken child can drain you, can drain anyone.
Yet I did not leave her, I did not walk away.
I have stayed loving, supporting and providing for her to this very day.
Yet for now I will apologize because that must be what you need.
I am sorry that you have hate for someone who served your family indeed!


  1. This is my first chance to read this, and it's beautiful! You are so good with your words. I hope that the Lord gives you and your family, plus sweet little M, peace in these hard times and makes the transition easy for you all.

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart through this beautiful poem.

    As per your comment on my give me too much credit. I was just following the lesson plans! Not to mention, "fun mom" quickly turned into "malitia mom" today when I had finally had enough of the tornadic chaos that had become our home and announced that "Serious cleaning had to be done!" ...I don't think that any of our kids would describe me as "fun" today!