Friday, July 31, 2009

How Do You Afford To Live

Ok, so inflation is the word and I really kept thinking, "I don't really see how the cost of gas can make me so broke!" I know it is more than the gas, etc. I guess until now I did not realize that about all of our expenses have gone up about 30% and we are holding on here. How about you?
How are people living off of one income, ok, modest, income at this time? We just moved our AC to 80 degrees, for anyone who knows us, that may just do us in!
I am curious how others are making it, what percentage is your house payment to your monthly income? I feel our house is modest, I love our house and do not want to let it go and my husband said "it really would not make that much of a difference to move, we can't afford to LIVE!"
So, share with me how your making it work!
Our house payment at this time, with my husbands OT cuts is now 45% of our monthly earned income. Yup, that is over what it should be huh! Groceries are at 20%, utilities are at 20%, gas is 20%, so that about does us in!
Ohh, yeah, we are still going to Disney, no comments please, lol! The trip is paid for and seriously, it would not make a dent in life, it would be like getting an extra paycheck because we have downsized the trip! So, we are going to have a bit of fun on our way out, hehe! After a year and a half of CPS, foster care hell, we are taking it!
In HIS love

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  1. Hey, I only know we're hanging in there by God's grace, because I don't know where we'd be without it!! Our house pymt is about 1/3 right now since Josh's OT has been cut too. I suggested moving again to Josh and he's not really for it, but they have some nice smaller houses out here for a lot cheaper, but then I guess we'd be more crammed, I don't know anything, but God does watch out for His people, that's for sure, otherwise I don't know how we'd make it!!