Saturday, June 20, 2009

Will IT come back again...

OK, I am supposed to be doing school on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer!
I have done notta thing! I say this also as we still have not finished our last years work (that being the reason for the summer school!)
I have that feeling of becoming the school bus mom or just having my kids desire to self educate in about 10 years! Will the desire to teach return? Is this JUST summer time? It is the end of June and I do not think that it has hit me that it is even SUMMER time yet! Although my school desire is nill to none! Anyone else feeling this burn out...this gonner of an emotion? I need to take a dip in the pool...I have not yet...maybe that will give me my summertime feel and I will become a motivated educator again!


  1. I usually school over the summer as well, but with a new baby, just getting back from vacation and vbs we have not done any for the past couple of weeks. I will make us all do at least 2 days a week starting Monday! :)

  2. I hope that motivation hits me too! ;)

  3. I get burned out at the end of the year when I'm trying to finish up curriculum. Does it all really HAVE to get done? Are there concepts from the curriculum that you could skip over because they already know it or teach them in a fun a unit study or make a lapbook?

    BTW,the tradition with singing to my grandma has been going on since...well, since before me. :o)