Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Still Alive...

No pics yet, I will post more when I am alive! We went to Ohio this past weekend, my boy is on the dock of the bay fishing his time away still. We go and switch Brianna for Nathan next Monday. They love going to gma's house! She has the LAKE and all the SNACKS!!
We have come out of graduations, disney dinning plan stuff, a baby who ate his first foods, and school's out for summer... ohh we survived M's birth family wedding stress also! I should have NEVER signed up for this foster mom business....way to stressful for me. I was thinking today about Brinley and Bryson and how wierd it would be for them and for Micaela to wake up one day and not have each other. We are talking HALF of Micaela's life has been here with them and she loves them so much. It is such a mess...join me in praying it to be over soon!!! I just need what is going to happen to happen. I need to know who my family is and I need to be able to live my life without this stress! It is breeding hate in me and I "hate" that! :)
But anyways.... summer should start to slow down now... the pool is open and the kids are tanning, lol!

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