Sunday, April 19, 2009

worlds best husband...

yeah, that is him...eating a weight watchers ice cream bar! lol He has lost almost 30 pounds in the past 2 months and is DRIVING me nuts with how dedicated to loosing weight he is! I am proud of him and happy for him...unfortunatly it makes me mad at myself for not being so "dedicated!" I was eating a cadbury egg at this same moment! lol I was up in Cincy for the HS convention, he was in at home buying me a new computer, new dishes, a new larger toaster and a few other things. THEN he cleaned my house, organized a get together of friends to be here when I got home, bought pizza for dinner, and a BIRHDAY cake...he is SO good to me~!
Bad thing, me being me, had to think and worse ask..."did you clean the house to show me that you could do it ALL and even get the house clean?" Unfortunatly I feel so lazy compared to him. I often feel like he could do it what do I bring to the table in this family? I am a slacker at our school...a slacker at our home making, a slacker at getting bills paid, etc...then I had the moment where I realized that I really have the best husband for me. He loves me....and wanted to make MY birthday the BEST he could make it... I guess moments like this are pale in comparrison when we think about how much we just do not deserve JESUS. It made me feel like "I don't deserve all of what he gave me!" today...well...I am just THANKFUL.


  1. Don't beat yourself up too much over the slacker stuff... you bring a lot to the table: a great sense of humor, a heart like no one else, love for children, and friendship. Who needs those other things?? LOL! :) love ya!