Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today is my birthday, 31st! I am posting this picture, despite me not wanting to, to show my overweight self. My husband as stated in earlier post has been loosing a lot of weight. I THINK that I am ready to join him in the game! It probably would be best if we were both on the same page. Besides that, the kids need to get off the sugar as well!
So, I will be attempting to make this 31st year of my life healthier than the rest! We are going to the YMCA tonight too. OK, I am starting this "year" off as .... 165 pounds. My goal is 130lbs. I did have a baby a few months back and I was actually down to 160lbs, then came Easter!

Thanks dad for the doughnuts this morning...it really helps as I planned to start 31 off on the right food track, hehe!

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  1. Happy Birthday! (Mine was yeserday) :o)

    A lot of the experiments that the kids did with Apologia's series were done at co-op. I'm awful about actually doing the science experiments! We did plant a few things, but none of them grew. I think the botany was a little big for my kids, but they still learned a lot just from the reading. We had more fun with Swimming Creatures..I did some of teh lapbook things with that too.

    I'm praying for you too, btw!